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What Are Major Updates For QuickBooks Online Sales Tax? An Overview. 

QuickBooks online support Texas: QuickBooks accounting software enables professional accountants of small businesses to work smoothly in a planned manner. In countries like the USA, the QuickBooks only is considered as the most efficient way to track & manage bookkeeping information.

Texas does not have an income tax, there is no wage reporting accessory since work is outside of Texas. Well, this blog will be quite helpful for QuickBooks user in order to ensure compliance with state payroll tax regulations. To find information on withholdings, unemployment & e-file & pay information and employer registration, contact at QuickBooks online support Texas by dialing QuickBooks Contact Number 1800-896-1971. You can also read this blog to get an overview of payroll tax compliance in Texas.

QuickBooks Payroll Tax Compliance Information(Tax Forms)

QuickBooks Payroll

Let’s discuss agency form details with important tax payment attributed in the tax forms.

Tax Forms:

Filing Form with ID C-3 for electric-only filing. Quarterly report of employers (Electronic Only).

  • Date of effectiveness-01 Jan 2014
  • Name of Form-Employer’s quarterly report (Electronic Only)
  • Frequency of filing-Quarterly
  • Due Date Filing- Every month after a quarter. 30 April, 31 July, 31 October, 31 January
  • No w2’s is sent with the annual filing
  • File zero wages & file zero liability rules are available

Send Method in QB desktop Payroll

Its effective date is 01 Jan 2014. It reports in E-file and E-Pay methods simultaneously for filing and making payment in DIY.

Send Methods In QuickBooks Online Payroll 

QuickBooks online support Texas

  • Online Payroll also uses electronic filing methods for making payment to the agency. Worksheet used for assisting the filing and/or payment submission to the agency.
  • It uses payment methods like ACH Credit.

Filing Form with ID C-4 for e-only filing. Quarterly report continuation sheet.

Date Of Effectiveness-01 Jan 2014.

Form name- Employer’s quarterly report continuation sheet.

The frequency of filling forms-Quarterly

C-4 forms need to file in case of requirement. Likewise C-3 forms, it does not allow w2’s sent with annual filing. Also, file zero wage & liability rules are available.

Send method in QB payroll & QBO payroll are same as mentioned in C-3 forms. But the payment method is not available in QuickBooks online.

Filing of New Hire Report Form

  • Date of effectiveness-01 Jan 2009
  • Name of form– New hire report
  • The frequency of filing form– As per requirement
  • Due date of filing– To be filed within 20 days after the hiring of employees. In the case of electronic reporting, reports of new hires must be reported two times a month.
  • No w2’s sent with annual filing, No file zero wage rule & no file zero liability rule.
  • QB desktop payroll uses print & mail filing method. It is effective from 01 Jan 2009.
  • QB online payroll uses the signature-ready form for signing, printing & mailing to the tax authority. It uses no payment methods.

C-3V UI Payment Voucher 

  • Date of effectiveness- 01 Jan 2014
  • Name of subform– Payment voucher
  • Due date, w2’s sent annual filing and zero liability rules are as same as new hire report form.

Conclusion- Hope, description is quite helpful for you to enhance your knowledge of Tax form utility as per QuickBooks payroll Tax Compliance. Texas and nearby users having any issue related to payroll tax compliance can contact Quickbooks Online Support Texas.  It is going to be very helpful for you to improve your knowledge related to the tax form.

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