Terms Of Use

Loyalty matters a lot for QuickBooks Global, representatives here keep making positive efforts to build a loyalty and trust factor. To provide convenience to clients, we always look forward to take significant initiatives. We recommend you to go through our terms & conditions carefully, to avoid future misunderstandings.

Terms & conditions:

We accept payment only in us dollars, based on the service location. We accept payment via different modes-credit card, debit card, checking account, paypal etc.

Note:In case any discrepancies, services can be discontinued from our end.


We hold rights to make required changes in our service, plans, terms and refund policies. Our terms and services can be changed as per the changes in time or organization needs. Therefore, it is necessary for user to be updated with our terms & conditions. If due to lack of information or misunderstanding if user faces any loss, we will not be liable for this. We take liability money paid by customer as a service charge.