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About QuickBooks Point of Sale

The Point of Sale System provided by QuickBooks has always been capturing attention as well as a curiosity of various people. It’s important for users to be familiar of QuickBooks point of sale in order to manage their business assets efficiently. It is a software that works one step more efficient than cash registers. However, it works like a cash register, but also it is given more responsibilities than regular cash registers. It’s significantly a separate business software that does excellent work to support the overall enterprise solution package.

Benefits of QuickBooks Point of Sale Possesses for Business

For any business, sales are very important and it is the major driving force of any organization. Primarily it drives inventory and accounting is measured as a second most important element as it directly represents the revenue of the company. In today’s fast-paced world, a real-time solution is required that help users make sales recording easy on company’s employees.

Company dealing in online & international transactions, the Point of sales system provided by the accounting software package helps the user to keep informed about an individual order. The product takes responsibility for accepting sales, tracking customer information, managing inventory records and preparing business reports. Based on above mentioned four benefits point of sale provides real benefit in form of increased sales that is an ultimate benefit for every business.

Instant & Updated Inventory Trends for Right Product mix:

Business personnel can give their individual attention to the growth of the business by keeping track of inventory & managing profits earned through sales as accurately & efficiently as possible. Accurate inventory & sales records are helpful in determining which products are getting sold at a higher rate and which are not in the demand. This estimation helps businesses to put in stock that category of products that promises the highest level of profits.

Better Business Focus: 

POS gives system users an opportunity to focus on other important segments of the business, as a heavy load of inventory & sales management is taken by QBPOS itself. Customer management and retention also come under its featured benefits.

Mailing Generation: 

QBPOS has a right feature that gives allowance to users in creating mailing based on customer data. With the use of this feature, one can provide loyalty programs as well as special promotions in the form of customer retention.

 Business Expansion:

Add more stores option provides users an opportunity to expand the business to the online business arena with a fully customizable website.

How to Perform a Clean Reinstall for QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop version?

Before going ahead for proceeding installation of QBPOS, you need to keep following points into consideration:

  • Make data file backup
  • There’s a requirement of the point of sale installation CD or download file
  • There should be the availability of product numbers and license
  • Log in as a Window Administrator is required before proceeding for further steps

The Process of Installation:

  • Download QB desktop pos
  • Go to the saved location, click the executable file and click yes & overwrite existing extracted files
  • Clicking Next the installation begins
  • After reading SLA, agreeing and choosing to accept terms in the license agreement, you need to enter License and Product numbers
  • Finally, complete the installation by selecting the number of computers to be used for POS

The Configuration of the Firewall for Point of Sale

A firewall is a security software that is a specialized tool depending on certain network standards. It is specially designed for prevention of unauthorized access or connectivity.  Desktop point of sale configures QB firewall automatically whenever connectivity is blocked. If you manually configure the firewall, you need to review appropriate sections of manual.

QuickBooks Point of Sale

What can QuickBooks Point of Sale 18.0 do?

A well-recognized, reliable and robust accounting software platform for your business 

  • Accept credit card payments
  • Ring sales
  • Track inventory
  • Track & reward customers
  • Works with Microsoft surface pro
  • Easy access to customer information
    • Some additional customer details like Account balance, Notes, history, available credits are visible on making a sale screen. One can see transaction history, available balance or credit without clicking More info button.
  • Compatible Physical inventory Scanner
  • Point of Sale on Microsoft Surface Pro
    • Finally, the desktop point of sale can be used on a tablet. It’s comfortable to use point of sale as long as you possess Microsoft Surface Pro. It is a two in one detachable device that can be utilized separately as a laptop or a tablet.

What Are Common POS Errors encountered in accounting software?

Pos integrated with the accounting software is encrypted for the protection of customer’s data. However, there are many situations when encounters related issues while running their devices-some of them are discussed below:

Server Connecting issue with a pos workstation to the data file

Server connection problem is common and is encountered frequently. Most of the time it is resolved by rebooting the client system. If doing this, the problem remains unsolved, then you should follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Initially, switch off workstation of QBPOS
  2. Reboot server & wait for sometime
  3. Next Reboot client workstation
  4. After that start POS on the workstation of clients which will connect database file automatically on the server.

Error Code 176109—Invalid product code

This error is encountered while upgrading point of sale to a newer version, adding more users, or adding client incorrect license to existing pos network. One should verify product code in simple ways:

Go to Help, select About Point Of Sale & look for the product number. If you have a correct product number, then check & make confirmation that you are logged in windows as administrator.  If files in client entitled folder are damaged, then follow below mentioned steps for repairing damaged files:

  1. Go to Control Panel of Windows and choose Folder Options
  2. Next choose view tab and select show hidden files, file folders or drives
  3. Then click ok
  4. Select disc(c) programdata->intuit->entitlement client->v8.

For any confusion, you can take expert assistance on phone call. Installation, update, and access violation errors are also quite frequent to occur. It is essential for the user to have a better understanding of such errors and their troubleshooting to utilize accounting software optimally.

The objective of the article is to bring all information related to point of sale system of QuickBooks. Hope, it is useful for users. While going through any of the points on the description you feel any technical issue, then you can make a call at QuickBooks POS Phone Number.

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