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About QuickBooks Online 2018

QuickBooks Online 2018 is suitable for freelancers and small businesses that save time from hard and lengthy tasks and ease complex accounting operations. The designing of this software is done to make it compatible with five users. Business owners of micro companies, financial managers, bookkeepers, solo preneurs, and accountants prefer this software most. And one of the favorable feature of QuickBooks Online 2018 that it appropriately blends with business portfolio via a single dashboard where multiple users visibility of detailed reports is found.

Through QuickBooks online podium, mobile-friendly trade account, loss profit account, balance sheets, billing and invoice solutions are generated.

Other than this, users can freely create custom feeds and reports which they want to see via the dashboard. While going for business management, it is very important for users to have knowledge of how effectively its integration can be done with existing or new application for its future usage.

QuickBooks Online 2018

What’s new & Beneficial is in QB online 2018?

For having a better understanding of any accounting software, going through its pros and cons can provide effective help to end users. Some of the pros and cons of accounting software are discussed below:


  • It is cloud-based.
  • Consists of advanced inventory features.
  • Facilitates numerous integrations.
  • Offers comprehensive payroll support and good tax support.
  • Featured with report templates which are customizable


  • Many times the unusual occurrence of bugs creates a problematic situation.
  • Multiple Currencies aren’t supported by QBO.
  • Limited users owing to the high cost.

If you’re a new user and are willing to purchase accounting software then it’s very important to go through reviews of experts and end users. An appropriate analysis of the satisfaction level of clients and their feedback will help you to make the right decision. A QB expert at ProAdvisors support platform is also very helpful to clear your doubts regarding the software.

System Requirements for QB online

QBO, being a cloud-based software is supported with all internet browsers including Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari etc. To make this software run faster, it also has desktop apps for both Macs and windows. For making forms readable and printing checks, there’s requirement of Adobe 7.0 or Firefox PDF plugin.

The software is ideal for any kind of small businesses and comes along with various accounting features and user permissions in order to intensively and extensively support medium-size businesses. In contrary, big businesses having a large number of employees figure out this version too limited to accomplish their needs.

Online Edition—Some featured benefits

Security & backups

Owing to security & backup feature of QB online version, whole data that is given as an input is backed up securely to the cloud and the user can export data to Excel spreadsheets. The payment of customers can be tracked very easily by the online edition, & also there’s availability of notification of any kind of error.

Users Account Management

All categories of business data can be efficiently managed by the online version of accounting software where an accounting professional can edit, create, make duplication and perform sharing of data with his accounting partners, associates, consultants, etc.

Interface and DashBoard

Simple, user-friendly and easily accessible login page makes version one of the most preferred choice of users. No need for any downloadable software-Now customers can create easily customizable feeds as well as charts.  Other than this, the complete online package consists of strong support from primary startup for helping and supporting to resolve all sorts of issues & problems with the software.

Cross-platform compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility helps QB online users to automatically integrate with all devices through which they want to make the connection. Also, multiple users can use the same account.

Invoice Creating

In QBO, there are five different templates for creating an invoice, and you can also import an existing template of invoice via MS word. Portal for invoice customization is one of the developed portals and it’s quite an easy task to customize the position of the logo, size of the font, column numbers, footer and other elements as per the requirement.

As an added functionality in essential plus, the user can send reminders of invoices to late customers.


Sending refund receipt & sales receipts is also easy as it facilitates auto-schedule invoicing features. Creation of estimation and their conversion to invoices is very easy in the online version. Customers can receive estimates in PDF document on their email.

Bank Reconciliation:

Living bank feeds features of QuickBooks online 2018 makes the process of bank reconciliation easy. Whether older online versions used to have duplicate transactions but today there is no existence of such features & you need to match each & every transaction manually.

Chart of Accounts:

The online version offers a default chart of account set up, however, the user can customize each account to fit his business.

Budget, Inventory and Project Management:

In QuickBooks Online 2018, the user can have multiple budgets. In case the user wants to utilize data from the previous financial year as the basis for the budget, then it can be done by him easily by copying existing budgets. For effective tracking of inventory, default sales prices and images can be saved by the user. Other than this, the unique option of creating item bundles make invoicing easier.  Easy creation of projects can easily be done and user here in an online version where the user is able to add billable & no billable time and expenses.

Payroll, Reports, Packing Slips, Location, and Classes

Payroll setup is very easy—one simply needs to go to employees, define the pay rate, set employer taxes & set a payment schedule. There’s also reminder facility through email for the convenience of the user. Packing slips are supported by the version, it is a kind of shipping document required when goods are shipped or received.

The user can sort estimates, transactions as well as billable hours with the help of the unique feature “location and classes”.

Hope,  you liked the description and got a clear overview of FishBowl inventory. In case of doubt or any assistance, you can simply dial toll-free QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number and get desired assistance anytime.

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