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About QuickBooks Enterprise

QB enterprise is for medium-size businesses, who can accomplish their business goals in quite an effective manner by monitoring all assets related to finance and account management.  A number of capabilities of QB enterprise solutions can perform a lot for your business. Almost every small or medium size business owner knows that how QB transforms daunting tasks & complicated process into the easy and automated system. When it comes to calculating enterprise version by means of value, the latest 2018 QB version provides a convincing solution. One can see enhanced business growth, enhanced business focus, expand large business territories, maintain consistency and bring cost-effectiveness in their business.

Why Enterprise, Not Others?
  • Six times more capacity than other QB products
  • Filing payroll tax, paying employees, tracking inventory, accepting payments & running reports—all can be done in one place
What’s New in 2018 for QB Desktop Enterprise?

Mobile Inventory Barcode Scanning: Now it’s very easy to track inventory for the user with the help of a new mobile barcode scanning method. At one end due to its portable nature, the user can use this feature anywhere in the presence of the internet and Bluetooth as well. Here with this feature, picking & receiving processes is speed up and data entry errors are reduced to a great extent.

Multi-Monitor Support: Now users can customize their monitors as per their work style, which help in increasing productivity and accounting effects of the user.  For example, you have to perform two works at the same time—Place customer list & create an invoice. Owing to multi-monitor support facility you can do both tasks separately in two screens.

Inventory Reports: An advanced form of customizable inventory reports helps users to give accurately enhanced insights making capable to take better decisions.

Make Receiving More automated: Least possibility of data entry errors and greater chances of inventory visibility is now possible with QB Desktop 2018 version.  Arrived items automatically get updated in the inventory of user after scanning barcodes.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018

Further if one want to know more about QuickBooks Enterprise Software may call QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number @ 1844-922-2525
Minimum System Requirement for QuickBooks Enterprise

Operating System-

  • Windows Vista SP2
  • 7SP1
  • Windows 8.1 Update 1
  • Windows 10 with both 62 and 32 Bit

Servers: Microsoft Windows 2012 R2-

  • Win 2008 r2 SP1
  • Multi-user window server 2008 & 2011-64 Bits
  • Min Processor speed 2.4 GHz
  • Min Ram-4 GB
  • Min disc-2.5 GB space
  • Min screen resolution 1024*768
  • Minimum internet speed for online accessing of information-1MBPS
QuickBooks Desktop Works as ERP?

It’s quite intricate and demanding task to solve the growing pains of small businesses. The task becomes more difficult once the requirement of business starts increasing day by day.   Integrating QB desktop enterprise can be an appropriate solution that can work as an effective alternative of ERP system into your business. (Enterprise Resource Planning system). A flexible & reasonable solution for growing companies is always ready for a system which integrates all business components composed of accounting and tasks which positively or negatively affect payables, inventory, payroll etc. while circumventing complexity & expense which may follow complete ERP system.

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning is a software that is suited for medium to large size businesses which integrate & manage all components of business like marketing, strategic planning, costing etc.

If someone asks the question, is QB Desktop Enterprise an ERP? The answer is no in simple steps.  Enterprise desktop is an advanced version that goes beyond standard accounting software in order to provide end-to-end solutions to companies which enter the medium size market. However, complete enterprise services are not full ERP but can be used as a complementary solution to it.

QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number
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A Quick Comparison Chart of features & limitations of QB Enterprise three editions:

QuickBooks Enterprise Version



Enterprise 16.0

Up to 30 Maximum number of simultaneous users

customize email templates, facility to attach multiple files to emails and email history easily accessible

Customizable purchase forms  for tracking expense side of the business

Provision to disallow selling to customers who have overdue payments

There was no any report which can let users know about the missing assemblies which are to build.

Enterprise 17.0

With Enterprise 17.0 version, users can have instant access to the information through a shortage report about what was missing for assemblies need to build.

Availability of new collaboration tools making more easier for users to switch from multi-user mode to single user mode

Unavailability of Customized inventory reports

Unavailability of customized picklists

Enterprise 18.0

With the latest QB Enterprise 18.0 update, users user can get their work done faster by accessing multiple functions on the software with multiple windows open.

Customized Inventory Reports

Employees can fulfill orders fastly and the user has the ability to check sales order in real time with the help of newly Improved sales order management

Reduced paperwork & data entry errors due to the availability of mobile inventory scanners.

Who are QuickBooks Pro Advisors?

People at the platform other than QB official support working continuously with an objective to resolve user issues via phone call or other feasible modes of communication.

QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number

If you want to upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and older versions to latest Desktop Enterprise version.

Or want to get out of some technical issue related to older versions for which Intuit officially denies, then out proAdvisors support platform will be your right companion. Here, we have an in-house team of smart customer support staff ready to take the challenge and give you the desired assistance in the least possible time. We provide all version support for all QB products as per the best convenience of the end user. Valuable & quick assistance can be easily accessible just dialing toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number and making contact with knowledgeable technical support staff.

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