QuickBooks diagnostic tool

QuickBooks is undoubtedly very useful accounting software that has made the finance and accounts related work quick and easy. It is specially designed for small businesses to manage daily transactions. With this software, you can easily pay bills, file tax and generate reports. This software is the right solution for all the accounting requirements. Owing to its multiple benefits, it’s demanded in almost every small to medium enterprises.  In case you face any technical issue then technical support will resolve every issue in an instant manner.

One of the incredible features of QuickBooks is the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool that helps in resolving and fixing the issues of installation of QuickBooks desktop.

For what purpose QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool was introduced?

This QuickBooks diagnostic tool was mainly introduced for identifying and fixing the issues that occur during the installation of QuickBooks desktop software. It has the ability to fix the issues related to Microsoft core components, C++, MSXML and many more.

Where can I install the QuickBooks diagnostic tool?

For installation of QuickBooks Component Repair Tool, these steps can be followed:

  • Make sure you’re not having any version of QuickBooks diagnostic tool.
  • Download it from the official website.
  • Once it is downloaded, make sure to follow the instructions for installation.
  • For Windows 10, make sure that the .NET framework is correctly configured for hassle-free installation.
  • Once the installation is done, it’ll open on its own. If not then click on the green colored icon of QuickBooks.

How to use QuickBooks diagnostic tool?

Once you’re done with the downloading and installation process, you can follow this step by step process to use the QB diagnostic tool in case of installation issues:

  • Diagnose Connection Tab – It’ll help in checking the computer. The main application of this tab is to check that the database of the company is accessible from the computer.
  • Firewall Status – It displays the status of the firewall.
  • Test connectivity – One of the common reasons for installation errors can be a connection issue. So, that’ll do a connection test.

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