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Dial Intuit Quickbooks Payroll Help Phone Number Victoria to Setup a Checklist of Payroll 

Quickbooks Payroll by Intuit, when integrated to existing Quickbooks online accounting subscription, then you are likely to achieve a whole lot of benefits. Some of them are direct deposit within the same day, company payroll set-up assistance, automatic tax preparation etc. Quickbooks Payroll Help Phone Number Victoria is probably the most suitable place to help users know all aspects of payroll accounting in quite an efficient manner.

Quickbooks Payroll Help Phone NumberList of Components Required While Setting up payroll

Well! If you interrogate how much time you require to set up payroll depends on a number of employees and the level that decides how you organize? By the way, let’s have some significant discussion on essential checklists for payroll management:

Employer Information consists of the following details:

  • Information of Bank Account- The complete routing number & account number to check account which you will write payroll checks as well as making payroll tax payments.
  • Compensation of Employee-Salaries, commissions, tips, hourly wages and several other compensations which are provided for employees. To have more knowledge about compensation, you need to make calls at QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number.
  • Benefits of Employee-Sick leave, vacation, retirement plan, leave policy, health insurance, and many others.
  • Other Deductions and Additions-Cash advances, mileage or travel reimbursement, wage garnishments, etc.

Employee Info

  • Form w-4-Once after hiring a new employee, you need to complete W-4 form that will be offering you withholding information & other information required for correct calculation of payroll tax deduction.
  • Pay Rate-Hourly rate or salary paid by every employee with any commission with any commission or bonus.
  • Paycheck Deductions-Common deductions are retirement plan, vacation leave, garnishments, etc.
  • Pay Schedule-bi-weekly, semi-weekly or monthly.
  • Sick/Vacation hours policy & balance-
  • Date of hiring and direct deposit authorization form


If you come into category of SMEs, and money management comes at top of your priority, then choosing payroll services by QuickBooks Online are going to be very beneficial for you. Hope, the complete procedure to run & set-up payroll is identified by you very clearly. Well! If you are from Victoria city in Canada, & want some valuable suggestion on payroll management, then you’re in right place. Our Quickbooks Payroll Help Phone Number Victoria remains active always to offer you a genuine help.


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