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Have A Quick Look on Bank Deposits and Undeposited Funds

Quickbooks online is well liked by small businesses in Countries like Canada. Online bank features integrated with the online version are quite helpful for users. Bank deposits feature enables users to add funds and make payments easily. For novice users, it can be a bit difficult to understand bank deposit features.  After all, it’s a matter of expertise; For QB Online Canada users, there is an arrangement of Quickbooks Support Phone Number. In case of some critical issue or important concern, its wise to take consultation from experts. However, we have tried to discuss some significance of Bank deposits.

After all, let’s look towards another possibility while making bank deposits. Sometimes you get more than one payment or cheque on the same day. In this situation, you will be willing to list them all in a single deposit. If you want to make submission of those transactions in order to let your QBO bank register match with the monthly statement of your bank.

For Recording a Deposit:

  • Choose (+) icon at the top
  • Select “Bank Deposit”.
  • Under the option, “select an account”, then select bank account for depositing funds
  • In case, you see additional options for selecting payments includes in QB payments, then you should check transactions for the location where you want to submit.
  • In table “add funds to deposit”, you can add additional items to be included in the deposit.
  • You need to fill “cash back” field in case you’re likely to get cash back. Selecting “pretty cash” for this.
  • Now, you can print slip. For saving, choose, “save & close“.

QB Online Support Steps For Making Record of Undeposited Funds

  • Choose (+) icon & then receive payment.
  • Submit the date of payment & customer’s name
  • After that, enter the mode of payment and submit cheque number as a “reference number“.
  • Deposit to option, select “undeposited funds” option.
  • Next, select “save & close“.


Bank deposits have significant value in deciding the scenario that how you enter the transactions in QuickBooks Online program? Going through the description mentioned above, we expect you got the right information about bank deposits & undeposited funds. Well! If you are QuickBooks online user of Canada, then try our specialized assistance at QB Online Canada. This platform is specially arranged for the QBO users of Canada and regions near it.

So hurry up! take a quick look at QB Online Support Phone Number In Canada. Here, you can directly interact with sound, trusted and learned experts. They will leave no stone unturned in solving your accounting issues.

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