What to do When Paid Bills and Invoices have Got Unpaid?

Gone are the days when entries were done manually, and hours of calculations meant to create the situation of mistakes for users. Those days of slumber were full of complexities as small businesses and accounting professionals have to suffer a lot in creating entries manually and making all financial incoming & outgoing correctly.

A revolution was seen drastically once QuickBooks came into the market as a sole companion for small businesses helping them manage their accounting optimally.  It took QuickBooks no time to dominate bookkeeping market and today the user number has exceeded the million count. Every user reaping benefits from this spectacular account management software not only get most out of their business but also approach positively for long-term sustainability of their business.  A spectacular service platform is also an efficient platform where QuickBooks users can get any kind of technical help instantly making the call at toll-free QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number.

Support for QuickBooksQuickBooks capability to integrate various third-party applications, at one end helps users to get positively benefited with accounting process, on another end some technical unawareness of such integration technical functionality creates a problematic situation for them. A few common issues usually encountered by QuickBooks users are described below:

  • The issue for data migration from company file to another system
  • Most often identified Data import & export issues
  • Technical challenges in upgradation & updating of QuickBooks
  • Client Email integration problem
  • A technical issue related to data backup and restoration
  • QuickBooks fails to synchronize with Microsoft office
  • Paid bills & invoices get unpaid.

Paid bills & invoices get unpaid; it’s the problem that is seen quite often by QB users.  Such problem is always a hard nut to crack as cannot be fixed easily, however, two recommended solutions are mentioned below to help users come out of such hassle efficiently:

  • Restore the last backup that was created before paid transactions became unpaid. As a next step verify Data command on the company. If verification is approved, then its ok in case of failed verification get your data repaired after that revoke transactions to get caught up.
  • For every unpaid bill or invoice, you need to edit each associated payments. After that uncheck payment of bill or invoice that is to be applied and then click save. Next, check bill or invoice and edit the payment again. If shown paid then ok, either delete payment & re-enter it from scratch. If there’re fewer transactions to fix then this technique can be effective.

What are significant causes?

The problem causes due to damaged link in the file. When Rebuild Data command is run, paid transactions get unpaid the problem gets worse.  The problem also occurs in the case when people upgrade damaged QuickBooks file to the latest version.

What’s the action point?

 You should clearly look after before & after version of AR and AP aging reports when you have to run Rebuild Data Command on your company. Both before & after versions of aging reports should be same.

Sometimes user accidentally hits paid on the invoice which he really does not want to get paid that particular moment of time. In such cases, can change back his invoice to unpaid by following below discussed procedure:

  • Click Sales
  • Click Invoices
  • Select the invoice whose payment you want to get reversed
  • Under the paid stamp click on 1 payment link underpaid stamp
  • Next select on the date on which you want to reverse the payment
  • Then click More–>Delete–>Yes

The feature to proficiency in QuickBooks and workability of the software can easily be determined by opting for a relevant Support for QuickBooks. Nothing will be harmed if the root cause behind the problem is identified, and the quickstep is taken to overcome this challenging situation. The same thing happens with unpaid issues with QuickBooks. So, better decision is always in your hands. Always make a trusted technical staff as support companion and become a part of trusted assistance to always have an upper hand in business.

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