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QuickBooks Desktop 2019 possesses several new & advantageous features which help clients to achieve more successful results than before. In this blog, we are discussing some of the considerable changes that took place in the QuickBooks Pro 2019 version. If you’re quite conscious about accounting and always seek an optimized way to bookkeeping management into your practice, then these texts in the blog on latest updates on QuickBooks Pro 2019 help you to get the desired solutions.

QuickBooks pro 2019 help

Tracker for Customer Invoice History

From displayed window for creating invoices, select, “see history” link next right to the name of the form. Look at some of the real-time invoice status trackings given below:

  • Date of creating an invoice
  • Due date of invoice
  • Name of customer & invoice email date.
  • Date of viewed invoice
  • Date & quantity of payment received by the customer in Quickbooks
  • Date & quantity to make deposits in QuickBooks

Credit Transfer for the Same Job

For customer who has opened credits, choose, “apply for credits” from window to create invoices.


  • Apply for customer credits across different jobs of every chosen customer.
  • New column in “apply credit window” sows customer & job to which credit is assigned.
  • Users can also assign credits to other jobs of the same customer record.
  • Quickbooks records in/out the transaction via other current asset type account said as “account for credit transfer”.
  • The automatically generated account is seen “inactive” on the chart of accounts for discouraging users from choosing it during submission of the normal transaction entry.

Important points to consider:

  • Credit transfer from one job to other within the same customer can’t be undone. Corrections in the future need to be done manually in a separate transaction.
  • The first transfer of credit can’t be done if users do not have access to the chart of accounts feature.

Prompt to Create Bill Payment using Write Check

During the creation of a new check, a new prompt will be displayed. It is used for creating write check for a vendor who has open vendor bills.

  • From the menu bar, choose, “banking“->”Write check“.
  • Then, in the field pay to order, submit the name of the vendor who has unpaid vendor bills.

Advantage:  Newly improved prompt help users to avoid usage of write check transaction type where the proper type of transaction is the vendor bill payment.

When vendor name is submitted in pay to order of field, then QuickBooks shows a new window, “check for bills“.


New Introduction by QuickBooks in all desktop versions (pro, premier, enterprise) is particularly done to prioritize the user-friendliness of the software and make it more significant for users than ever. Hope, these features of QuickBooks Pro 2019 help you manage your accounting more ease. For queries, you can join our intuit certified customer care staff @ 1800-896-1971.

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