How to Fix Quickbooks Payroll Update Errors PS107, PS058, PS 032 and PS077?

QuickBooks, being a sophisticated account management software in the US, enables small & medium size companies to internally manage finances with the program. If you’re an owner of small business enterprise and bearing outsource of finance becomes a little bit of difficult task, then this accounting software is going to be an ideal alternative.The purpose of this blog is to bring focus on some commonly encountered QuickBooks Payroll update errors like PS107, PS058, PS 032, PS077 etc.

Quickbooks Payroll Update Errors


Let’s discuss payroll error ps107, that occurs while downloading payroll updates. The basic reason is the damaged file, while other causes behind it are listed below:

  • Intuit’s server is down
  • Issues with termination date settings
  • Virus or malware
  • Problem with security programming

Error PS107–What are suitable methods to get it fixed?

For resolving this error, there are more than one solutions which you can use.


  • Click tab processes on the task manager
  • Highlight each & every application which starts with Intuit or QuickBooks
  • Finally, click end task/end process


  • Navigate to Help menu and choose option update QuickBooks
  • Next, choose “mark all” button clicking “options” tab and then click “save”
  • Now, choose update now option
  • After that choose “reset update” option & click button “get updates”
  • Once you see “update complete message” option, close QuickBooks desktop.


  • Insert cd with payroll update & open window get payroll updates
  • In case you’ve desktop, pro & premier, select employees & then click option payroll updates
  • If it is prompt for locating update.dat or update 3.dat file, then in the window install payroll update you need to respond the prompts
  • After that click browse, choose cd drive in the install from the window
  • Now, select any of update.dat or update3.dat & click open from payroll update dis
  • Now click ok.
  • If trying these steps, if the error is still found then, you should go for a clean install by uninstalling the accounting software.

As an another option, you can contact customer support experts dialing QuickBooks Online Customer Service, if you’re are not able to perform this fixing on your own.

What Is Error PS032 or PS077  while downloading payroll updates?

It is quite often to receive an error with code(ps032, ps077) with the message displaying that QuickBooks is facing trouble while installing an update of payroll tax table.

Following are the reasons:

  • Payroll folder has invalid or crashed tax table file
  • QuickBooks software isn’t registered
  • Inaccurate or outdated billing information
  • Crashed company file

Suitable procedure to fix the ps032 or ps077 error:

  • Close the accounting software, open task manager of windows to check & verify that no any QuickBooks product is running in the background.
  • Next, open QuickBooks again & try again to receive payroll updates
  • If still, you are not able to receive update the accounting software, then you need to Repair QuickBooks.

In the case above steps do not work, then continue resolving the problem by trying the following steps:

  • Be sure that you have registered desktop version of accounting software and it is on the latest release.
  • Also, check & be confirmed that you have up to date and correct billing information
  • After that, run repair of QuickBooks Desktop software
  • In case of windows vista, 7 or 8 you should switch off UAC, & then try to update the application
  • Take note of license number by pressing F2 on QuickBooks home screen
  • Verify that there is only one installation of QuickBooks Desktop
    • In case of one installation, you need to perform a clean install of QuickBooks software in the selective startup
    • If there are multiple installations, then you need to remove additional installations & reset the update
  • Next, download the latest payroll tax tables, re-sort lists and choose to verify or rebuild data process
  • Finally, perform a clean installation

What is PS 058 error?

Again, the error 058 is encountered while downloading payroll update. There are several reasons behind it. You  should know that the installation process should be done in different stages:

  • Copy the file to the hard drive
  • Decrypting files & installing them

The copy function is done by QB DA agent that copies encrypted files to hard drive. Files are decrypted by IE after files get located on the hard drive.  The files are installed by the agent in the QB program directory.

You should ensure that payroll subscription is active.

For fixing this issue:

  • Download payroll update again
  • Next download the latest QB release.

You can also download the qbwebpatch.exe file from the internet browser if you have disk delivery. Other than this, there is also an option to update software manually online. To know more help, you can take help from the support team on this & other related topics.

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