What facts Related to QuickBooks 6000 Series Error Should be Known to the User?

QuickBooks Customer Service Number For 6000 Series Error:

Is it really going well with your trusted accounting software? hope it is!

Here the discussion is about a particular 6000 series error that holds multiple reasons for the same problem i.e. company “File is not accessible”. According to the root cause of the problem, each error has a particular predefined code. Accurate knowledge of a particular error code helps the user to find the reason and possible treatment for the same.

To what extent will a QuickBooks Customer Service platform will be helpful for you to deal with such kind of error codes, which probably can’t be put as a reminder. Obviously! The answer given by most of the users will take sides of the support platform as here the user can have an opportunity to have direct interaction with support staff.

Some errors with their possible causes are discussed below:

Error -6176, 0-> Connection blocked between two computers by the firewall

-6000, -107-> Corrupted .TLG File

-6000, -1076-> Corrupted QB installation

-6010, -100> A system other than server hosts the company file

-6012, -1061-> Incorrect network setup

-6129, -101->QB database manager not working properly

-6190, 816-> Multiple users try to login company file in single-user mode

Sometimes multi-user & single-user mode issues can create a troublesome situation and the user is not able to identify what exactly the problem is? In such cases, QuickBooks Customer Service Number can help users not only to identify the reason behind the technical issue but also get out of such worries efficiently.

-6190, -85-> Mismatch between .tlg(transaction log) and .qbw(company file

-6000, -832-> .ND file not working properly or hosting is turned off

-6000, -305-> Damaged company file or Incorrect network set up

Today in the fast-paced world no problem takes too much time to get resolved, provided the possible reason behind it is correctly identified. -6000 series errors can happen both due to local or network setup. Set up for both opening file locally or over the network is different, one can perform below-recommended steps:

Open Files Locally

 Guide 1: ND and.TLG files, being important parts of QB files allows accessibility of a single company file in a certain network or multi-user environment. In the case of the damaged file, the error will occur while opening the file. After rescanning QB Database Server Manager, such files are created automatically.

  • The open folder which has your company file
  • Find the same files with.ND and.TLG extensions
  • Rename each file by clicking right and then add.OLD word at end of every file name. For example-Company_file.qbw.nd.OLD
  • Next Again sign in the company file again by opening QuickBooks.

 Guide 2: Open sample company file

Guide 3: Copy QB file on the desktop

Guide 4: Restore Backup

Guide 5: Use Auto Data recovery for restoring the backup

 Open Files Over the network

 As discussed earlier the error occurs if the file is stored on another computer within the network or on the server. To handle this kind of networking error, there are seven options; the user can use one that suits him best.

Guide 1: Check & verify that every workstation has hosting turned on

Guide 2: Rescanning or restarting the Database server manager after changing the name of files with.TLG and.ND extensions can work

Guide 3: Open locally installed sample company file on the computer

Guide4: Open company file locally or close all QB processes

Guide 5: Manually check folder permissions

Guide 6: Configure antivirus and firewall ports

The purpose of the description will be clear if all basic concepts behind 6000 errors are clear to the reader and he is able to employ recommended set-up to deal with the problematic situation correctly. QuickBooks customer service number is an alternative option which can be used in situation problem remains unsolved.

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