What is New Update in QuickBooks Color Schemes?

Know How Latest QuickBooks Color Scheme Differentiate Company Files and Other Utilities?

In favor of black & white combination, QuickBooks 2013 reduced color schemes option. Introduction of this combination was done in order to highlight active parts to the forefront of the window and recede less important parts with dark.  However, this black & white approach did not work. Soon! It started affecting the user-friendliness of the QuickBooks. To overcome this limitation and maintain the same utility as before, Intuit relaunched QuickBooks Color Scheme in its R6 update. Lets’ discuss how this scheme is advantageous.

Change Icon Bar

  • Changing icon bar is very easy. You can easily change back to the old appearance in case you have the at least R4 update.
  • First of all switch location of icon bar from the left side of the frame. You can do this in view menu by choosing switch to top icon bar.
  •  Next, navigate under, “Edit menu->Preferences->Desktop view->My Preferences Tab
  • Then checkbox that says, “switch to light icons or colored background on the top icon bar.”

How to Use Colors in QuickBooks For Differentiating Company Files?

Many users complain that after moving away from color schemes, they are not able to make proper distinguishment in company file color. When you are using QuickBooks for running more than one company, then the color scheme is a suitable way for making files separately identified.

Well! Some of the users, give it preference as a must-have utility in QuickBooks, however initial 2013 version of QuickBooks did not use this function. After introducing the R4 update, QuickBooks tried to bridge the gap by offering the facility of the colored flag in the title bar, however, it was not sufficient enough.

Finally, the R6 release of QuickBooks took old color schemes back. Steps to configure color schemes are discussed below:

To change default grayscale:

  • Edit Menu->Preferences->Desktop view->My Preferences Tab.
  • Navigate to the menu called as Company File Color Scheme. This feature changes the window color frame for company file along with the window frame of the program.
  • Also, if you do not have more than one companies you need to generate a company file for experiencing it. A color scheme like red reveals a kind of warning.


Hope,  you understood this latest update on QuickBooks Color Scheme. In case of any doubt or query,  you can directly contact us via phone call for QuickBooks online support. Our software experts will let you know each and every aspect of the software technology.

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