How To Void A Check In QuickBooks and Unvoid It For Payment?

How to Void a Check in QuickBooks; Way  to Unvoid it Again and Cash It.

Well! There are so many accounting software options for clients, but quickbooks is considered as one of the easy platforms to process voiding and unvoiding of checks.

Voided Check

 A voided check has a word, “Void” written across the front of the check. It can be blank or written partially and the word “VOID” indicates that check need not be accepted for payment. Voiding a check disables check that’s why you can’t use it as a blank check. We can understand it through a very simple illustration. If someone steals a voided check, he/she can not write check to anyone by submitting payee by putting heavy amount.

How To Void A Check In Quickbooks Online?

How To Void A Check In Quickbooks

The check voiding is the process of deleting the number of checks from quickbooks register. A voided check will be registered as a void in the memo field. If you want to void blank check, you should create a new check with the amount of $0. Submit name in payee field & assign account in expense section. After its successful completion, you need to void check in the edit menu.

If you’re to void already written check, even if it has been printed, first of you need to choose to check in the program. To do this, you need to go to banking menu-> account and then choose check

How To Unvoid Check In Quickbooks?

If you want to unvoid any of the voided transaction, it can be done by re-submitting it in the reports of voided & deleted transactions. This option can be found under the reports option->account & taxes….void or deleted transaction detail menu. When you void a transaction in the checkbook, the transaction amount is set at $0. The voided & original transaction will be seen on voided & deleted transactions report.

Tracking finances are now easier for small businesses as quickbooks help keep “errors organized while sales & expenses tracking, time-saving, and records maintaining for tax time.

Hope, the method to void & unvoid check-in quickbooks online is understood to you. In case you have queries, you can take reasonable assistance from experts via QuickBooks Phone Number.

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