How to Enter Billable Time In QuickBooks Online By Job

How to Enter Billable Time In QuickBooks Online By Job?


In QuickBooks online plus & essentials, one can keep track of billable time by the job. It is important for the user to set up jobs as sub-customers in order to keep organized all billable expenses organized. Here in this blog, steps for submission of Billable Time In QuickBooks Online By Job are described below:


<->The process of adding a sub-customer<->

->Choose the option, “sales” or “invoicing” then “customers”.

->After that choose option, “ new customer”, then submit all needed information of sub-customer.

->Next choose, “sub-customer” checkbox & choose parent customer from “enter parent customer” menu.

->After that choose, “save” after selecting, “bill with parent”.


<->The process to switch on billable time<->

 Billable Time In QuickBooks

->Go to the top & select “gear icon”.

-> Choose “account & settings” below company.

->In the left, choose the “Advanced” tab, and choose, pencil icon in “time tracking” section.

>Make sure that box for single time billable activity to the customer is checked.


<->Method to enter or record time as Billable Time In QuickBooks<->


One can submit billable time via “single activity timesheet” and “weekly timesheet”. For this,


->Select Plus icon “+” at the top.

-> Under employees, select “single time activity” or “weekly timesheet”.

->Now, the user needs to enter information. User will be able to mark billable to customer & track his/her time.


After entering time, and marking customers billable, the user will now be able to see that billable time is included while creating invoices.


Hope you’re able to understand the method to enter billable time by a job in QBO. For any query or confusion, you can get a clearer view regarding Billable Time In QuickBooks Online By Job by visiting community page of Intuit or contacting customer care staff. Keep reading our blogs, if you want to be updated with such tricks related to accounting software QuickBooks.

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